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Stone Circles

Retreats, Ceremonial Circles, Weekends full of Magic. 
Exclusive cultural and magical trips for small groups.

You don't know Scotland? Explore the country with us. There is so much to see that depending on the time you have we can create a personalized tour for you. Whether you want to see the wildest side of Scotland, its Islands or visit Edinburgh, Glasgow or go north Aberdeen or Inverness. The Borders are so full of history! We also organize a Weekend Tour to visit Hadrian's Wall .

Do you want to explore Iceland and participate in Viking Craft Workshops? Ride Icelandic Horses? Visit Hot Springs and Fjords and volcanic sand beaches? The museum of icelandic sorcery & witchcraft?Iceland is such an amazing place, wild, elemental, powerful.  This trip is for anyone interested in the Norse culture. We will visit Sacred Sites as well and participate in Private Ceremonies to the old Gods. 

Wouldn't you like to explore the South of Spain, the ancient Nazari Kingdom? Where you can still breathe the mix of cultures. Follow in the footsteps of Don Quixote, visit places where Iberians and Phoenicians worshiped their Gods. Or maybe you want to Explore the North full of legends about ancient Celtic Gods and Witches. Or may be visit the Balearic Islands, the Talaiots and Phoenician Remains.

Maybe you want to come with us a little further, to Mongolia, visit Shamans and particiapte in Ceremonies, have a Purification Ritual in a ritual in Lake Baikal. Visit the Ancient Capital of Mongolia and learn about the legacy of Genghis Khan. A longer trip for the more adventurous ones.

We will organize trips and Guided Experiences to other places, such as Egypt, Greece, Finland and Lapland, Faroe Islands and Norway... 

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