Event Planning and 
Management Services

Live Conferences and Festivals 

Do you need someone to coordinate a Conference, Festival or Convention for you? We have the experience and imagination to make your event unforgettable and magical. We will find the right place for you, indoors, outdoors! Get in touch to give us a draft of your idea! 

Online Conferences

For several years, we have been pioneers in organizing Online Events, both independently and for Organizations such as The Fellowship of Isis and the Scottish Pagan Federation. Do you need a help for your next Congress or Online Conference? Do not hesitate to contact.

Craft Fairs and Markets

We love holding alternative markets. Spaces for artisans and merchants. Our market concept goes beyond the mere commercial side to include activities for families and leaving space for food stalls and snacks. What we like the most are open-air markets, but we also organize indoor markets.

Weddings, Smaller Events and Gatherings Planning. 

From Weddings and other Ceremonies, Family Reunions, Group Gatherings... It doesn't matter if the event is big or small, if you need help, we can help you with the preparations. Find the ideal place for your meeting, save yourself the trouble of talking to everyone to get what you want. We will sort out everything for you to arrive and enjoy.

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