Artio by Ness Bosch

Photo by David Conaty 

I follow the Path of the Gods, of the Earth, of the Waters... I am a Liminal Being, an Alchemist of Realities, a Weaver of the Sacred...

Ness Bosch is a Celebrant Authorized by the General Registrar of Scotland and Approved by the Scottish Pagan Federation to perform full legal weddings, also for same sex couples within Scottish territory.

Rev. Ness Bosch is a Priestess, Shamaness, Druid, Wise Woman. Teacher and Healer.  

Ness is Hierophant Priestess, Dame Commander and Archdruidess Fellowship of Isis.

Ness has walked the Shamanic path since her early 20's and travels to different countries sharing her knowledge and experiences on the Path of Bones. 

Her passion for creating Rituals, organising Events and Traveling the World merges in Artio Ceremonies, Experiences and Events. 

Independent Researcher and writer, she was a recognized member of the International Hispanic Pagan Community for her work, before moving to Scotland. Ness was Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Federation Interntional in Spain and Head of the Granada Goddess Temple.

Ness was a Torch Bearer of the Covenant of Hekate, the First Spanish to hold this position in the Covenant, where she actively participated in ritual creation groups and other activities for the Covenant community.

Since 2012 Ness is the Head of the Temple of the Waters and the Covenant of Waters. She is also Founding Member of the Council of Near Eastern Pagan Religions and COARCI, Council of Ancient Religions and Cults of Iberia. She is also the Head and Founder of the Goddess Temple Alba.

She is a pioneer on the revival of  Ritual Shamanic Tattoo with her work  Bones, Ink and Skin. 

If you wish to know more about Ness's work you can visit her website Here.

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